Just when you thought it was safe to enter the blogosphere, Jake Davis decided to become a photographer and done fucked the whole game up. As much of a visual artist as Jake has become known as, he's never really put his finger on the trigger and pulled the damn thing himself. Well, the director has become the assassin and his first target was, naturally, the beautiful Four Pins certified muse Adrianne Ho. Or, more accurately, your expectations of the female population at large. Jake took Adrianne night running aka night stunting in SoHo, completely decked out in Carhartt, Supreme, Engineered Garments, Nike and Kapital—pretty much everything in your letter to Santa. The results are as stunning as the model herself, completely demolishing whatever simp women in active wear editorials are currently circling the aspirational black hole that is your Tumblr dashboard. I guess it's official, all you corny "photographers" have been put on notice. Good luck and godspeed.