December 19, 2012 will forever be the day that MySpace Tom came out of the shadows to ether a Twitter hater by referencing Leonardo da Vinci's 16th century Mona Lisa painting. MySpace Tom was just enjoying his retirement when a fan told him he was "creepy" and to "get a new damn picture" on Twitter. MySpace Tom's response? "If I used a new pic it would break the Internet; my pic has been viewed more than the Mona Lisa bitch."

The #myspacetom hashtag is now in full effect, reminding us that a) MySpace Tom was dominating the Internet before it was even cool, and b) you should never fuck with MySpace Tom. 

It gets better, though. MySpace Tom loves art and has been documenting his adventures in retirement through extensive Instagram travel photography. Not only that, he posts intermittent selfies on his account, showing us what he looks like outside the awkward/frozen-in-time/whiteboard-backgrounded setting that we'd gotten used to seeing him in. 

Be assured that when MySpace Tom isn't capturing breathtaking long-exposure photographs from the tallest building in Hong Kong, talking about the sky creating beautiful paintings in Las Vegas, or chilling at the Louvre in Paris with an iconic painting less-viewed than his avatar, he's ready to take you down on Twitter.

While Tom's resurfacing as a total badass is super entertaining and has us following him on IG now, it doesn't necessarily mean we're trying to sign up for the relaunch of MySpace. Whether MySpace 2.0 turns out to be all that or not, it clearly won't be affecting MySpace Tom's pockets, as he so kindly reminded another fan an hour later, saying that he "invested that cheese." What cheese, you ask? The $580 million MySpace was sold for in July 2005. #Myspacetom, bitches.

[via MySpaceTom]