Imagine getting on the subway (or any type of public transportation, if you will) and having Jay-Z sit next to you on his way to one of 8 concerts at the newly opened Barclays Center. Only in dreams, right? Not for Ellen Grossman, affectionately described by the Internet as the "adorable old lady" who Jay-Z sat next to on the train to his show. Footage of their encounter is part of his Where I'm From mini-documentary, which was released on his birthday last Tuesday. While Ellen may not have known who he was, the world now knows who she is, thanks to an article written about her in the New York Times by a close friend who recognized her in the short film. She's a multi-displinary artist who draws and sculpts. Certainly fame sat beside her in more ways than one. Watch the video below in case you haven't already (and peep Jay's Basquiat shirt!):

[via LATimes]