Designer goods are what all stylish guys aspire to sport one day. It's called aspirational clothing for a reason. However, pulling off some high-end brands while still keeping your casual profile can be tough. Enter the Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2013 collection: a subdued menswear collection of sheer awesomeness. We know, you're thinking, "menswear writers tell you everything is awesome." Maybe, but the Paris-based fashion house deserves a round of applause for its latest collection. Floral shirts, zig-zag sweaters, leather jackets, hiking boots, shearling-collared jackets, and more—this is a collection of wearable clothes—with hefty price tags—that don't make you look like a rich blow-hard. And truthfully, who wants to look like that? So start saving up, it may be hard to resist some of these timeless pieces.

[via Selectism]

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