Kapital makes game-changing garments that will probably cost you an arm and a leg, but that's the point of aspirational clothing brands, right? The Japan-based brand once again places innovative nuances on the same thing every other brand does, or wishes they could do. And guess what? The little extra effort that Kapital puts in completely shifts the Americana trend.

The "Hooligan Ivy" collection for Spring 2013 is for the prep-inspired delinquent in us all. The  people who wear rugby shirts and chinos, but don't keep a 3.8 GPA or were never captain of the crew team—rather those of us who sneak flasks into movie theaters, lie to our girlfriends, and have encountered a black eye, or two.

Military, workwear, and prep elements are all included in the inspiration for the brand's spring line. With this said, you should be able to find something that you dig, or at least aspire to obtain. Check the brand's website for more details in the future.

[via Bandana Almanac]