If you're gonna judge something you should probably call in an expert, right? This isn't some bush league shitshow of an operation like American Idol, this is Four Pins. So, when it came time to hit the superficiality switch and either dap up or son some famous haircuts we turned to the only people even remotely qualified to weigh in on such matters—SUPERCUTS, B. HAHA! *Young Jeezy voice* Well, specifically, Supercuts Artistic Director Bryan Field, who has been working on all things super and cutting since '87. These days he travels North America scouting and studying follicular trends, keeping shit tight so we all don't have a worse chance of getting laid than we already do. Dude is basically the Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea of the hairdo game for those of you at home who really connect with middle school history analogies. Alright, enough icebreakers and trust falls, let's start showering famous people with unwarranted praise or shitting on them for being ill dickheads. Each of these haircuts were ranked by Bryan on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being St. Ides and 5 being King Cobra for those of you at home who really connect with 40oz analogies.