For real, work blazers are the fucking jam. A lot of you dudes will be all like, “Three button blazers? No thank you.” But I’m like, "Fuck that." This Carhartt Grant blazer has patch pockets and Teflon coated cotton, what more do you need? I was gonna make a bunch of Teflon Don jokes and shit, but I couldn’t really think of any. Instead, we’re just going to talk about how you need to start wearing jackets again. Your boss is only gonna look the other way for so long. I mean, T-shirts and beaded necklaces, man? C’mon. That goofy shit with Borsalino hats and fishtail parkas and scarves and ponchos and leather jackets with zippers and retarded pocket squares is for the weekend and embarrassing your long-suffering girlfriend, not for work. Jackets are for work. Unless you work for Four Pins.