The Effect on the Community of Mumbai and the World at Large

"It's always a difficult thing with the lab, because you don't really know what the result will be until it's over. I can better answer the question in late January, but what we're aiming for is a project that is more and more practical in each of the cities we move around to. In New York, the project was heavily focused on public programs, and so is this one in Mumbai. Additionally, we have a series of design and research projects, and those are quite important in this context.

Most of these projects are looking at the city through its relationship between the people and the community. That relationship for the people in Mumbai is changing quite drastically at the moment. We're constantly doing research in terms of what privacy is in the city. What does privacy still mean, and where do you find it? Where do you go in the city, and what are the design implications for that? I think these are interesting questions for the people in Mumbai, because I don't think the urban conversations here are focused on the topic of privacy.

For people outside of Mumbai, I think we're learning a lot from being in another place. People are learning about the relationship between the individual and the community here, and we can apply these lessons to other cities in order to improve the quality of life everywhere."