Here's the 5ecipe for workwear success: 1 part Carhartt jacket + 1 part camouflage = unfuckwittable. You really can’t make clothing more target marketed than this. If I was Carhartt I would just ship all of these straight to Brooklyn and watch the whole stock get bought up, then thrifted when people realize everyone else has one, then bought from thrift stores because it’s funny and ironic, then sold back to thrift stores because everyone has it again and it isn’t ironic anymore, then bought by fashion people from the L.E.S., then sold on eBay for the original retail price. Boom, that’s like $1,000,000 bolstering NYC’s economy right there. If Cahartt were sympathetic enough to world affairs they would do this, but ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THE RICH GETTING RICHER, CORPORATIONS MAKING MONEY AND CEO’S GETTING BONUSES, WHILE WE STARVE. That last part may or may not be true, but I hear about it all the time flipping through channels. At least it sounds good.