FairEnds makes the best hats out there, end of story. We may have to institute a new Four Pins editorial note that’s like "COMPLETELY BIASED" or something because I own these hats and they are the fucking jam. Wool hats? Cool. Cotton canvas? Cool. TRY SOME CORDUROY AND FLANNEL, MOTHERFUCKERS. Corduroy is the cloth of kings, son. The navy flannel with red polka dots is so murderous you don’t even know. Biggie would be taking back that shit he said about Kwame and polka dots if he could see this collection. Matter of fact, he’s probably up in Thug Mansion with Tupac, breathing all heavy, looking down being all, “Damn Pac, I was wrong about polka dots. And the use of non-traditional fabrics for camp caps is just downright genius. Ah well, let’s go make fun of Eazy-E’s hair." The FairEnds F/W 12 collection is available now, featuring tons of new fabrics and patterns in both camp and baseball cap styles.