Have you been scratching you’re head trying to figure out how to start rocking mad layers and flannels ‘round your waist? Think no more, homie. Just turn that worthless brain of yours off right quick before you catch a nosebleed. This waxed jacket from Mountain Research is your fucking jam. Removable quilted liner, poacher’s pocket on the hip for your Skytel, pit vents AND AND AND a flannel lining that can drop out the bottom to lengthen the jacket! I know, you’re super bummed because you "designed" something similar this past summer using "vintage" you bought at the local Salvation Army. Too bad, but I guarantee this one is still 100 times better than whatever exists in your lame imagination. You were probably waiting for some "haha you can’t get this rare shit because it’s a Japanese exclusive" joke. Fuck you and your lowered expectations. This joint is available in England at Garbstore. So there.