I don’t know about you guys, but ever since the Nets started playing in Brooklyn, they got a whole lot more popular. I mean, do you guys even remember the New Jersey Nets? Do you remember that, like, decade they went to the NBA Championship just to lose to the Lakers? REMEMBER? THE WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS WERE MORE EXCITED THAN THE ACTUAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Oh, but now Jay-Z is a "part owner" and they’re in BK. Must be cool now. Hey guys, I own stock in McDonald’s. I’m a part owner. And there’s gotta be a McDonald’s in Brooklyn somewhere. Or did you guys pass some hipster ordinance that only allows Chipotle and other Mexican-based fast food restaurants into your borough? For real though, the one weird thing about writing about menswear, but living in Detroit is you follow a lot of New Yorkers on instagram. AND HOLY SHIT, PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE I KNOW IN NEW YORK HAS BEEN TO A NETS GAME. WE MIGHT AS WELL CALL THEM THE INTERNETS. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and say something about how the Pistons suck this year and last year and the year before that. But do you remember the brawl? Yeah, you can keep the Barclays Center that probably serves sushi and free range hotdogs. Get your team swag on and support whoever the fuck plays for the Nets.