Sometimes I just don’t understand how clothing can be so expensive. Like, how the fuck is a T-shirt $700? That’s my whole semester’s Ramen Noodle budget wrapped into a piece of cloth with some screen printing thrown on it. With all that said, this Brioni bomber is DEFINITELY worth every penny. It’s really expensive and I really want it so I’m going to TYPE IN CAPS FOR THE REST OF THIS POST LIKE I’M MOY BECAUSE I WANT YOU GUYS TO KNOW JUST HOW MUCH I WANT IT. HE'S OBVIOUSLY DOING SOMETHING RIGHT AROUND HERE SO I THINK I’M JUST GOING TO TRY TO BE MORE LIKE HIM. MAYBE I’LL ACTUALLY BECOME SOMETHING IN LIFE AND ACTUALLY GET PAID FOR DOING WORK AROUND HERE AND PEOPLE WILL ACTUALLY ENJOY MY WRITING. THEN, I COULD MAYBE AFFORD THIS $3,500 JACKET, BUT PROBABLY NOT BECAUSE I’D PROBABLY JUST MAKE MINIMUM WAGE. IT'S FUTILE.