Have you ever seen something cool come out and wanted to punch yourself in the forehead because you didn’t think of it first? Some asshole is just swimming in the cash, while you go home to your mom’s attic that has no heat and watch old episodes of Gossip Girl until you fall asleep? I know that's really specific, but you feel me, right? No? Fuck you dudes. I would marry Serena van der Woodsen this fucking instant. Ain't no shame in my game. Anyways, the dude over at Kent Wang beat me to the punch because he's all around smarter than me and put some renowned works of art on pocket squares. Think about it, you’ll be fucking around with some art in your pocket. Shit, that’s a rap lyric right there. “Basquiat on my blazer/I got art in my pocket *Rick Ross grunt*.” Yo Ricky, holler at me on that ghost writing tip. You can pick up these joints over on the Kent Wang website for the relatively decent price of $45.