Last year, I wrote a list for We Are the Market of the things, fashion-related and otherwise, of which I’d like to see less in 2012.  Some of my dreams came true—I certainly noticed both children and Ryan Gosling less this year—and some did not (see: street style insanity at Fashion Week, the furor over H&M x Marni and Margiela, etc.).

Well, 2012 came and has almost gone, and I think you and I know each well enough by this point to expect that this year, our last on earth if those indigenous peoples in Mexico are correct, brought with it a whole other litany of things that irritated me, annoyed me and otherwise made me long for the fresh start of January 1, 2013.

So presuming we all survive the impending apocalypse, here is a list of ten things I’d like to see less of in 2013.

Get out of here, 2012, and don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you. Or do let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you. See if I care, ya bish.

Steve Dool is a writer based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter.

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