Herno is killing the raincoat game from Pitti all the way to Toronto. Their deadly secret weapon? GORE-TEX. You know how everyone always says a brand or store "shutters" when it closes? Well GORE-TEX pretty much shuttered the fuck out of the entire outdoor waterproof fabric genre when it busted onto the scene. Please take a second to allow "shutter" seep into your every day vocabulary. Here is another usage example: Say in your European history seminar one student ethers another student's argument about the course of the 100 Years War by pointing out his misunderstanding of the French's raison d'être. After class, be like, “YO HOMES, YOU SHUTTERED THAT DUDE’S COMPLETE THESIS. CLOSED. IT. DOWN. LIKE MOTHERFUCKING RUGBY, B.” That is your vocabulary lesson of the day. You're welcome. Now please pay $1,240.00 Canadian dollars to Haven for this Herno jacket.