Neighborhood did what it does best with their Icewall Jacket and just padded the fuck out of it with details—nylon shell, 80/20 down, pressed studs, detachable hood, leather detailing and even WOVEN LABEL BRANDING. You know your shit is legit when it’s branded wovenly. No, that’s not an actual word according to Microsoft Word, but then again this is Four Pins, where the standard rules do not apply. When the fuck do we ever use acceptable adjectives to actually describe clothing? Never, that’s when. Now, don’t read the rest of this because I’m just writing anything so I can get my boss off my back and enjoy my fucking Friday. I’m trying to get drunk tonight. What are you guys doing tonight? Any parties in NYC? Let me know. Only 22 more words until I hit the 150 recommended quota. I think I’m going to make it. Ah no. Fuck it.