How are you NOT thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro while looking at this jacket? Crescent Down Works might as well have scrawled “Ascent To the Top. ________ Foundation” on the back. I mean, it's got the 100% Harris Tweed quilt with the down filler and a fucking hood. What more can you ask for? Actually, Crescent Down Works is calling this jacket a “hooded sweatshirt.” What the shit is that? Like, are we really going to be wearing this to the gym or something? Catch me in the sauna with a $720 down filled “hooded sweatshirt” just trying to get rid of that last bit of water weight. Yea, that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing with this “hooded sweatshirt.” No thanks. I much rather be a normal human being wearing my Nike hoodie that my grandmother bought for me in a Marshall’s, bro.