This week in art saw the human Barbie, Mick Jagger's love letters, The Man of Next Year in Art & Design, and miniature mural art. Check out The Best Art Stories of the Week (November 4 - November 11): 

New York Knicks Revealed Their 2012 Alternate Uniform

Date: November 8 

When the New York Knicks rock their alternate uniform during the 2012 NBA season, you want to wear sunglasses or just lower the brightness on your television. [Read More]

Portfolio Review: Oscar Santos Shares Awesome Photographs from San Francisco

Date: November 8 

Photographer Oscar Santos was born and raised in San Francisco and still lives there. He's 25-years-old, and, as you can tell from his work, he loves his hometown. [Read More]

V Magazine Photographs "Human Barbie" For New Issue

Date: November 9 

Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova is known as the real-life Barbie. After a series of complicated surgeries on her face and breast, plus a rib removal, this 20-something, with over 8,000 followers on Facebook and adoring fans around the world, is a little different from your typical girl next door. [Read More]

Amazing Photographs from Muhammad Ali's Fight With Joe Frazier

Date: November 9 

In March of 1971, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fought for the heavy weight title of the world. It was deemed "The Fight of the Century." [Read More]

Miniature Mural by Jade is Perfect Street Art

Date: November 9

Most muralists go big. Street art these days seems to often forget the importance of placement and the element of surprise. [Read More]

Thumbs Up! Terry Richardson and President Obama

Date: November 9

It's not all Kate Upton and busty dancing at Terry Richardon's studio. Sometimes things get serious. Somethings Richardson shoots the commander-in-chief! [Read More]

The Man of Next Year in Art & Design is Patrick Martinez

Date: November 9

Earlier this week, we asked you all to vote for who you think will be the Man of Next Year in Art & Design between BJ BettsJohathan LeVine, Kahlil Josephy, Patrick Martinez, and Retna. And after tallying up the votes, the people have spoken. [Read More]

The Blurred House by Bild Architects in Melbourne

Date: November 9

Bild Architects designed the Blurred House in Melbourne, Australia as part of "studies into the adaptation of vernacular Australian suburban typologies." That's a fancy way of saying the house represents a response to the old vs. new attitude present in architecture circles. [Read More]

Check Out This KAWS MTA Subway Train

Date: November 9 

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, but we'll do everyone a favor and save that conversation for dinner in a couple of weeks. [Read More]

Sotheby's To Auction Mick Jagger's Love Letters

Date: November 10

December 12 marks the day that Sotheby's will auction off handwritter letters from Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger to his former lover Marsha Hunt in London. Hunt famously inspire the Rolling Stones 1971 hit "Brown Sugar" and had Jagger's first child. [Read More]