Tony Hawkface

Year: 1986

"This is one of my favorite ads. My girlfriend at the time and Stecyk's wife painted Tony's graphic on his face, and Tony had no idea what we were doing. He wasn't thrilled about doing it, and was getting sick while it was happening from the paint fumes, and so they were never able to actually finish painting it as well as we wanted them to. He was getting nauseated so we had to hurry up and shoot it. Of course when he saw the ad he was thrilled with it, but at the time he had no concept of what this was going to look like.

"It probably took about 30-45 minutes and it should have taken about an hour and a half, but as I said there were two people doing it so that we could get it done quickly so that Tony wouldn't have to keep breathing the paint fumes. We shot it really quickly, and we washed it off his face really quickly. He was probably 16 years old there, so a lot of times they just didn't understand what Craig and I were doing and what we were trying to do. They knew we weren't going to lead them down a bad road, but at the same time they would lose patience with us sometimes because it was like 'OK, what are we doing now? This doesn't make sense.' And very rarely Craig and I ever explained what we were trying to do."