Like everything in life, all good things must come to an end. This Thursday, Damon Dash, David Barnett and David Chang invite you to the closing reception of the "Quality of Life" exhibition at the Poppington gallery in NYC. 

Back in September, we gave you an exclusive interview with participating artists Sabio, Beau, Phil & JIM JOE. With additional works provided by Katsu, Whomp and Pixote, the "Quality of Life" group show turned into one of our favorite events of the year. 

The closing reception will be this Thursday, November 29th, from 8PM - 10PM. 

Make sure you stop by the Poppington gallery for a chance to purchase 7 limited edition t-shirts from each individual artists on Thursday, and catch the rest of the works that are up for sale, previewed in the clip below. 

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