Yo, fuck that Vans case or whatever the fuck Bape bullshit you think is popping. Time to Nike iD this shit, except not really because Grove won't engrave their bamboo iPhone/iPad cases and leather notebooks with copyrighted material. Bummer. Fingers crossed they won’t censor some good old fashion swear words. Off the dome, heere are my top 5 engravings I would get:

1. Camo print because ENGRAVED camo print is on some next, next level shit that you haters can't even see.

2. "Semi-thuggin" so I could then mark it up 50% and sell it to Nick.

3. "Fuck off" because you kids love shit that says "fuck off" on it.

4. A sketch of Adlai Stevenson.

5. Animal skin—python, gator, brontosaurus, whatever.

Bonus: Obscure rap lyrics. Mine? Camp Lo's “Scored like 10 on my IQ test.”

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