Jake Davis once again proves his job is still better than yours. Unless you hate working with luxury retailers, talented designers and gorgeous models, in which case your job making sure whatever those things you're in charge of get done by Friday is probably incredible. Five Story asked Mr. Davis to make a short piece featuring some of the designers carried by the boutique. I guess there’s some clothes in this video. I was really focused on the lighting, use of score and subtle references sprinkled throughout the film. YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA MAKE A JOKE ABOUT BEING DISTRACTED BY A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN? I’M SO HIPSTER I NOTICE FILM TECHNIQUE BEFORE BEAUTY. But really, a girl like this was the reason you took that film class in college anyway, which is what turned you into an insufferable hipster in the first place. So, in the end, it was about a girl. IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT A GIRL. Especially when that girl is Adrianne Ho, Four Pins' muse of all muses.