Patrik Sandberg

Senior Editor at V Magazine, Editor-At-Large at DIS Magazine

Has Written For: V, VMAN, Dazed & Confused, The Last Magazine, Anthem, Flaunt, and T Magazine/New York Times Moment Blog

Rule: Decide.

"As an editor—and a perennially impatient person—I cannot emboss the importance of decisiveness enough. Everybody likes to be astonished, hypnotized, moved, and entertained. Nobody likes their time to be wasted. Find the story that needs to be told and tell it—don’t wait for somebody else to do it. If you want to see something, create it yourself. Once you’ve decided, everything else falls into place.

Is that obvious? Don’t answer that."

Favorite Pieces and Projects:

IRL (I wrote a short film called IRL, Coming Soon)

Interview with Damien Echols (VMAN)

Website / @patriksandberg

Photo by Sandy Kim