Kyle Chayka

Senior Editor at Hyperallergic, Freelance Writer

Has Written For: Hyperallergic, Animal New York, Creators Project, ARTINFO, LA Weekly, Modern Painters, ARTnews, Kill Screen, Bygone Bureau

Rule: Pitch like a motherfucker.

"You won't get it if you never ask. Pitching, or proposing stories you want to write, is basically the job of any freelance writer—you need to have ideas, a lot of them, and know how to present them well. Even if you know all the right publications and editors, you need to spend time honing your story ideas, figuring out what your story style is, and learning how to present it in a compelling way. Keep a list in your notebook, keep it on your iPhone, keep it in your head—just keep thinking."

Favorite Pieces and Projects:

"A Short History of Death on the New York City Subway" (Animal New York)

"eMPty3" (Bygone Bureau)

"Yoshi’s Fauvist Island" (Kill Screen)

Website / @chaykak