Katie Baker

Staff Writer at Grantland

Has Written For: Grantland, New York Times Magazine, Deadspin, New York, Gawker, Wall Street Journal

Rule: Read.

"Read at least one thing every day that isn't yours. If you spend your days dissecting music, read about the latest business scandal. If you're a beat writer for the Bulls, read romance novels. Read the way you did as a child: Don't obsess; don't dismissively compare it to your own work or despair that it was written by another—just read it and move on. And ideally, when you're finished with one thing, read two or ten more things after that."

Favorite Pieces and Projects:

"Gridiron Girls" (New York Times)

"The Confessions Of A Former Adolescent Puck Tease" (Deadspin)

"Coldhearted: Los Angeles, at Last!" (Grantland)

Website / @katiebakes