Gone are the days of briefcases full of papers, pencils, and whatever else people had to carry around before iPads. But the options out there to tote around your tablet are few and far between. This Tuesday, FEIT hopes to cure these travel woes by dropping a selection of beautifully crafted iPad cases handmade with Florentine leather. Originating in one of the last leather ateliers that uses techniques of the old-world, these cases are molded without a single stitch. The vegetable tanned leather is thick enough to withstand the daily beating any on-the-go iPad receives, and the soft nubuck lining will let your tablet know that you still love it. 

In order to reduce as much waste as possible, FEIT operates with a direct business to consumer model. Which means you have to head to their site to sign up and place your order to get a piece of this small batch of luxe cases. Pre-order before November 20th to get 40% off. The cases are available for iPad and iPad Mini, and come in corteccia and nero.