You can keep your checkered Vans and cool-crossfit bro Lunars. I want these Hickoree’s x United Arrows slip-ons made from leftover blanket lining fabric. These shoes are sick and 100% cozy boy guaranteed. It’s like they’re drug rugs. But for your feet, man. Funny story, the first time I was in a United Arrows store in Osaka, I was wearing a tie from The Hill-Side. One of the workers recognized it and came over and gave me a thumbs up. DO YOU KNOW HOW VERY RARE IT IS TO RECEIVE A THUMBS UP FROM A STYLISH JAPANESE DUDE IN AN ILL JAPANSE STORE IN JAPAN?!?! Too bad Instagram wasn’t around then. I have no proof other than this anecdotal story. It will most likely become a legend that some biographers won’t include in my narrative because its veracity will be called into question. In the meantime, you better beat me to before I buy all of them in my size.