Grazie mille to Contemporary Standard for this in-depth look at Forever, The New Tattoo, featuring text and portraits by Thomas Hooper, Mike Giant and Complex’s own Nick Schonberger. I always wish I had arms full of tattoos, but then I realized for that many tattoos, you have to have arms full of ideas. And if you’ve been around here lately, clearly I ain’t got nothing but a mere handful of ideas. One of them is that this would be a great book to have. You will impress that hot girl that is hot despite all those gauges and weird face piercing and softcore Internet porn side hustle. Seriously, what the fuck is that thing that girls get pierced where Cindy Crawford’s mole would? Impressing girls with your extensive library will help make up for the very unimpressive extensive student loan debt those books actually represent. Buy the book directly from the publisher.