You need a dopp kit. You can’t keep putting all that spendy product in a Duane Reed plastic bag and hoping it doesn’t explode all over your gear every time you go on a trip. Or to the gym. Be that guy at the gym with the classy dopp kit. I mean, people like Bruce Wayne have really cool dopp kits, so that's really all you need to know. This one from Topo is triangular—the flat base means you can set this bitch on basically anything to get your foam and exfoliate on. So, to review: get a dopp kit because you are an adult and evidently adults do things like keep their toiletries sensibly separated from the rest of their belongings. Once you get a sweet dopp kit like this collabo from Topo Designs and Ursa Major, you’ll be the cool guy at the gym, smelling all good and looking all organized. Just don’t let your balls hang out too much at the gym. I don’t care how awesome your dopp kit is, no one likes the guy at the gym who lets his balls hang out too much. ALERT: This is the type of gift you get your dad/boyfriend/brother/uncle/etc. when you don’t know what they want, but you do know you would like them to smell better.