Let's set things straight (pun not intended): clothes don't make you gay. It's amazing that in 2012, we have a black president, tiny computers that double as telephones, and what amounts to the population of China on Facebook, yet people still think that skinny jeans or high fashion are connected with sexual preference. There are gay dudes that dress better than and worse than straight dudes. Whatever, y'all. Let's talk about Yahoo! Answers for a second.

At first glance, this is the sort of thing that you should be able to go to and get a reasonable, thought-out response. You should be able to ask things like "what places in New York aren't totally gross to eat at?" or "what shops should I hit up in Harajuku?" and expect to get a few recommendations that may or may not be on point. But how come when guys ask about clothes, there's always a plethora of answers that address homosexuality? Does the whole Internet anonymity thing really bring out the worst in people, or are these idiots just hoping their trolling will make them the next "How is babby formed?" meme?

For proof, just check out the following examples of people who are totally misguided with their off base commentary on how guys should dress themselves. Welcome to Yahoo Answers: Where Homophobes Go to Talk About Clothes.

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