Origin of the Name: "I wanted it to have a brand with no meaning and wanted to make up my own name. I started researching and eventually started looking into the the latin dictionary to find inspiration. I liked V-lettered logos so I looked through the “V” section of the dictionary. I found 'vis', then  I found 'vim' and visually I liked how they looked together. The word 'Vis' does have a kind of positive meaning around the idea of force and energy; things coming together." - Hiroki Nakamura, 01 Magazine, 2010

The Japanese cult brand has been creating streetwear buzz since its inception in 2000. With coveted footwear and amazing clothing items people would pay out the ying-yang for, Nakamura's sales background truly helped mold this brand from a name that means nothing on paper, to one that means everything when you wear it.