Origin of the Name"I started making simple T-shirt graphics out of school, and I wasn’t even really trying to start a company. I was just wearing one of my shirts when I walked into a store (Triple 5 Soul) and the guy that was working the store wanted to buy my shirts. But I didn’t have a brand at that point. I just had to think of a brand like right there on the spot. So I came up with Staple and that dude named me Jeff Staple. This was back in 1997.

I was so dissatisfied with what 'hip hop fashion' had to offer. I loved hip hop music and I loved the lifestyle, but the clothing was so cornball that I wouldn’t be caught dead in it. This was like when Pelle Pelle was really popping off, and Sean John/Fubu was just coming out and I was like, 'Man, this is so much loud, meaningless yelling.' To me, the best parts of fashion were what laid underneath. Not the bling factor. So I just wanted to take hip hop back to the staple foundation, you know, the roots—the essential material that you can’t live without. That is what 'a staple' is. Staple Design is like the design that is just the raw, basic, essential elements and that’s it. No added bullshit on top. " - Jeff Staple

There you have it. A full explanation as to how Jeff "Staple" Ng came up with one of the best brands this side of the Mississippi. 1997 was a long time ago, so to created a brand as relevant as it is today without even trying is pretty damn special.