Wait what? I don’t even, I mean, I would never put a dog in clothes because my dog would never make me sniff dried up pieces of shit and roll around in dead rabbit carcasses. But, if you’re one of those sadists that dresses their dogs, sorry because you just lost twice. NOT ONLY ARE YOU HUMILIATING YOUR DOG IN FRONT OF ALL HIS HOMIES, BUT YOU'RE NOT EVEN LACING HIM IN THE ILLEST FLORAL AND BRETON STRIPES. Do you see that Barbour-esque quilted vest? Can you imagine? It’s like these dogs blog about how back in the day their grandfathers chased after squirrels while wearing classic, well-made goods that they could pass down to their puppies. If I had a bulldog and he had on a floral sweatshirt, I’d never bag his shit. You know why? YOU DON’T BAG THE SHIT OF A DOG THIS WAVY. I love you, Japan.