Tonight the Major League Baseball season begins its final chapter, with the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers squaring off in the 2012 World Series. No doubt Los Gigantes and Le Tigres are worthy participants in the Fall Classic, unfortunately members of both teams could fit in just as easily at a less illustrious event: the baseball bad jewelry hall of shame.

Gaudy neckwear has been a part of baseball for ages. With dudes like Deion Sanders, Cliff Floyd, and Ken Griffey Jr., this tradition has been passed on through the ages, and, unfortunately, it ain't getting better. It's not just Cuban links and Jesus pieces anymore—titanium ropes made by Phiten are everywhere this year. Regardless of how your team fared this season, one thing we can all agree on is how much fun it is to make fun of The Worst Jewelry of the 2012 MLB Postseason.