Location: Brooklyn
Notable Businesses: Hickoree's Hardgoods, Pilgrim Surf+Supply, The Gutter, Wythe HotelBirdBeacon's Closet

Despite what you may think about this hipster mecca, Williamsburg is more than Bedford Ave. and the doofuses you find on the L train. Williamsburg is expanding—the north side, which reaches into Greenpoint, has turned into a microneighborhood of its own, with lots to offer by way of shopping and nightlife—with the recently opened Wythe Hotel as the hub. To the south, the area surrounding Havermeyer and Grand Streets is quickly replacing Bedford as the go-to strip for wandering, drinking, and buying cool shit.  Demographics are changing too—it's not just students and wannabe artists anymore. Young professionals and creative types are piling in, bringing a more sophisticated taste level with them—how else could shops like Hickorees stock sought-after Japanese brands like Kapital and Batten Sportswear? Not to mention there's a bunch of cool shit made here. Beyond The Hill-Side selvedge ties and Maxx & Unicorn leather goods, you've also got delectable treats from Mast Brothers Chocolate and libations from Brooklyn Brewery. Almost any neighborhood in NYC could have made this list, but not many offer the diverse and interesting mix of people you'll find here.