Location: Atlanta
Notable Businesses: WISH, The Vortex, Criminal Records, Java Lords, Rag-O-Rama

Debutante balls and pimp cups aside, Atlanta's Little Five Points is a refuge for the eclectic and artistic at heart. Located just two miles east of downtown, the area perfectly represents the intersection of all the hip cultures in the city. The mix is not only embodied by its inhabitants, but by the wide range of stores and restaurants in the area. The Vortex has earned a reputation for having the best burger in town with prices that won't bust your wallet open. WISH is there as well, which sports a streetwear and premium sneaker collection. Rag-O-Rama has a wide variety of vintage styles for men and women, and the numerous coffee shops in the area will make sure you don’t sleep on anything Little Five Points has to offer. Please make sure you check out the street art, too. It’s everywhere.