Location: London
Notable Businesses: The Shop NW10, Miss Q's, Loft Design By, Taschen Book Store, Ladbroke Terrace Collective

This west London area is named after a developer who added an urban element to the area, and also refers to the road that hosts the The Notting Hill Carnival each August. Ladbroke Grove recently became the home to the The Ladbroke Terrace Collective, giving the neighborhood the kind of art collective typically found on London's East End. It was organized by Florence Devereux after her parents, Robert Devereux and Vanessa Branson (yes, Richard's sister), moved in. With her parents gone, Devereux turned every bedroom of the house into a pop-up gallery. The neighborhood's style is typically a laid-back vintage look, but don't sleep—looking good goes a long way, especially when it happens effortlessly.