Location: Seoul, South Korea
Notable Businesses: Forest Coffee Roasters, Waylon Shop, Brown Breath, Wolhyang, Bar Da

Hongdae is located in the western end of Seoul, near the Hongik University, one of the best fine arts schools in South Korea. Because of the location (and the low rent), Hongdae became a creative backbone as artists and musicians began moving into the area during the '90s. Food vendors sell different types of dishes, and the neighborhood has become a landmark destination for urban art and underground culture. Street festivals are the norm here. New indie bands pop-up annually and the neighborhood remains a popular one for artists determined to make it. The last Friday of each month is "Club Day," where over a dozen clubs allow entry for the price of one. In similar fashion, there's "Sound Day," which goes down on the second Friday of each month at local concert halls. Each Saturday, flea markets are held in front of Hongik University's main gate which displays the work of local street artists and students.