Location: Tokyo
Notable Businesses: COMME des GARCONS GOOD DESIGN SHOP, White Mountaineering, Tokyo Apartment CafeA Bathing Ape, Gyre Building, NEIGHBORHOOD, Wired Cafe 360

Spotting dope styles in the area near the Harajuku station in Tokyo is a given. Harajuku is internationally known for its street fashion, so you're guaranteed to find young people sporting various styles at all times. Popular looks include "Harajuku Girls," the controversial Ganguro, and Cosplay. You'll also find Rockabilly dancers, or the Ura-Hara kids, whose style is influenced by hip-hop elements like graffiti as well as skate culture. The many styles of Harajuku have been recognized by other countries, as you'll find Harajuku gatherings in Bogotá and groups of Cosplay teens meeting up in Paris. As wild as these looks may be, it shows that the people who hang out in Harajuku are aware of their personal style and fashion sense. Plus, Harajuku has two main shopping streets, Omotesandō and Takeshita. On the former, you'll find the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Chanel. The latter caters more to younger people, and is home to brands like A Bathing Ape.