2. Metallica

Album: Metal Up Your Ass (1982)
Artist: Stephen Gorman

Metallica’s Metal Up Your Ass shirt is breaking my self-imposed “concert tour only” rule, but it has some ties to a live show, so it made its way to Number 2 on the list. Metallica first used this name for their 1982 live demo that featured nine original songs and Dave Mustaine on guitar. The name Metal Up Your Ass and this artwork by Stephen Gorman were supposed to be used for the band’s first real album, but their record company Megaforce wouldn’t allow it. Legend says Cliff Burton’s response was “Just fuckin’ kill ‘em all”, and that became the title of the first album. It’s funny that the record company considered Kill ‘Em All a better option, but I bet it was partially due to the insanity of this artwork. This shirt seems to have first appeared in ¾ sleeve jersey form in 1985 and re-prints can be still found all over the Internet.