8. Metallica 

Tour: Damage Inc Tour (1986)
Artist: Pushead

Metallica’s Damage Inc. World Tour of 1986 is unfortunately most well-known for the tragic death of bassist Cliff Burton on September 27th in Sweden. This is a weird fucking story that will pop up again in this list too. According to the band, the members drew straws on the bus that night to choose the bunks they wanted to sleep in. They went to bed that night and were awoken to their driver skidding off the road and flipping their bus several times. Ulrich, Hammet and Hetfied miraculously were hardly injured, but the bus had rolled on top of Burton, killing him. This shirt is an all-time metal classic thanks to the artwork by Pushead. Some of you will recognize this skull from his other work with Nike SB, Kool Keith, Thrasher Magazine, Dr. Dre, The Misfits and Zorlac Skateboards.