4. Iron Maiden

Album: Number Of The Beast (1982)
Artist: Derek Riggs

Number Of The Beast was Iron Maiden’s third studio album and first featuring Bruce Dickinson. The album caused quite a controversy in 1982 since the Derek Riggs cover art featured Eddie controlling a Satan marionette. Eddie has always represented Iron Maiden and the fact that this artwork featured him in cahoots with the devil had religious groups all over holding protests and burning Iron Maiden tapes. The band knew what they were doing and what type of press this imagery would create because they actually saved this artwork from being used on the Purgatory single in favor of the full album. The publicity from this album helped Number Of The Beast go to Number 1 on the UK album charts, while also giving the group a new nickname thanks to their live show. This shirt depicts the album cover on front with the cities “The Beast” visited on their 1982-83 World Tour, listed on the back.