I know we’ve been going hard in the paint on sweaters lately, but c’mon, you need sweaters. Oh, you don’t need sweaters? THEN WHY ARE YOU READING THIS SITE? IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU GOT IT ALL FIGURED OUT, PAL. But for real, fisherman’s sweaters are the fucking jam. I have no idea what they do in Denmark, but shit must be crazy cold there, because those Danes put out some seriously snugglewear. These Andersen-Andersen sailor sweaters actually weigh 1.5 kilos. Dude, that’s more weight than your average rapper cum drug dealer's imaginary cocaine stash. It’s basically knitted armor. Plus, it has thumb holes for all you angsty cats out there. But the craziest detail? No, not the turtleneck, asshole, it's the fact that supposedly it is IMPOSSIBLE to put this sweater on backwards. Which means Kris Kross does not approve of Andersen-Andersen. The entrance fee to the backwards sweater challenge is $302.