Shawn Stussy started off without a hitch when he launched his newest project, S/Double, in 2009. While the primary focus was a return to his roots of custom surfboard shaping, in addition to producing beautiful, custom boards, he also made a small line of wearable goods. The line has a decidedly preppy feel, re-interpreting wardrobe staples like white bucks, oxford shirts, and twill chinos for a new audience of shoppers. Now, it looks like Japan is about to drop another run of the sought-after gear.

Earlier this year S/Double set up a shop in the shopping mecca of Tokyo, Japan, and now comes a preview of the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.  Consisting of four items, the line is entirely made in Japan. The collection showcases slim-fit jeans constructed out of deadstock Cone Mill denim fabrics and three shirts ranging from plain colored khaki to a bolder plaid. The designer hasn’t lost a step and we could see the collection growing for years to come. You might want to get your Japan contacts for these. 

[via honeyee]