Paul Stuart invited Madison Avenue's finest to the Mad for Plaid event to showcase their new display windows curated by el Jefe Lawrence, Nick Sullivan of Esquire, Mordechai Rubenstein of Mister Mort, Tasha Green of Departures, John Tinseth of The Trad and Stephen Pulvirent of Hodinkee. The space is incredible. Opened in 1938, it still stands in its original location on 45th and Madison. Before binging at Uniqlo's $14.99 OCBD rack, check out Phineas Cole's fabrics and cry real tears, but don't because you might stain the cashmere covered floor or distress the tweed weaves with the noise of your pathetic sobs. Honestly, I'm asking Tumblr to create a #wealth tag and make me a top editor for documenting this night alone. Guys, if you send me to expensive stores around the U.S., I can promise you I will talk to rich dudes from Connecticut with diamond encrusted gold Rollies and drink free scotch in your honor. I'm also starting a petition for Nick Sullivan to succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond. Big thanks to Paul Stuart for the interesting selection of breads, smelly cheeses and high-end onion rings, like those $.25 joints you had every day in second grade with your Lunchables, but better.

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