Futurism 2.0, the brainchild of London-based Gamma Proforma owner Rob Swain and NY-based theoretician Daniel Feral. The two creatives recently wrapped up their latest endeavor at London's Blackaall Studios. The exhibition featured a collection of works from artists: Carlos Rodriguez (Mare 139), Augustine Kofie, Phil Ashcroft, Boris "Delta" Tellegen, James Choules (sheOne), Matt W. Moore, Mark Lyken, Sat One, Christopher Derek Bruno, Moneyless, Mr Jargo, Nawer, O., Two, Morten Andersen, Keith Hopwell (Part2ism), Jaybo Monk, Poesia, Derm, Jerry Inscoe (Joker), Remi/Rough, and more. 

In case you had a hard time making it to London last week, we've got you covered with a handful of pieces that are available from the recent exhibition at the Blackall Studio space. Continue for an in-depth look at original works from the show.