Jayson Atienza was born in Batangas City, Philippines, but grew up a world away in Jersey City, NJ. After finishing his degree at the School for Visual Arts in New York City, Jayson found himself working in one of the classic NYC industries: advertising. Jayson's work in ad design has won him recognition from a wide range of arts and advertising organizations, and has allowed him to start his own non-profit, P.A.I.N.T. (Philippine Artists Inspiring New Talent), dedicated to helping young Filipinos gain access to the arts.

Kia Motors, as part of their "In My Mind" campaign, asked Jayson to create a painting inspired by the title song, as well as features found on the innovative 2013 Soul. Click the video above to hear Jayson talk about his favorite features on the Kia Soul, as well as the inspiration for his dynamic new painting.

Check out the final music video featuring his piece at www.complex.com/kiasoul