Men’s Reverie gives us a look at Ami’s F/W 12 collection, which means you need to fire up your Tumblr engine asap and throw a 2 Chainz lyric underneath some of these pics, bro. YOU TRYNA TAKE MY JOB? You have no idea how hard it is to find the appropriate line about big booty bitches to place underneath a photo of a model in a plaid leather overcoat. Anyways, this Ami collection is really great, showing off amazingly luxe basics and outerwear. It’s like Ami is exactly how you envision that non-existent collection you’re "designing" in the margins of your anthropology notes. Do kids even use notebooks or do you guys just use laptops now? Either way, I know you have fucking inspiration boards and shit like your name is Riccardo Tisci. Skip the designing and stick to dressing like a champ. Ami can help you in that department.