We're just going to say it: it's perfectly okay to buy expensive gear as long as they're investment pieces. This means clothes, accessories, and footwear that improve with more use and last a long time are worth every penny.

Vintage is great, but you should also consider buying certain pieces in their prime. Why? It's awesome to break new things in yourself. Over time, the items will fit to your body and you can make it your own through several wears. Investment pieces can also have long lifespans if taken care of, so you'll get every bang for your buck, even if they cost a premium now. Not to mention, they're classic pieces, which means they never go out of style.

Now, there are items of clothing that deteriorate with time, so think about what you're purchasing before you pull the trigger. If you're not sure when to save and when to splurge, we broke things down to help you out. Here are the 10 Classic Investment Pieces That Get Better With Age.

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